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2005 Member Choice Poll
Because our Poll included both free and pay versions of Antivirus Software, you might say there were two clear winners representing both categories.

However, the overall winner with 253 votes and 24% of the total (in what would be considered a pay product) was Norton Antivirus.

To be fair, this popular Symantec product is intended primarily for home use where Symantec Enterprise Software was also mentioned several times in the comments as a preferred business solution (and in some cases for home use as well). Therefore, votes for Norton from users of other Symantec AV products most likely helped to raise the vote count.

One thing is certain, people that have come to know and trust Norton Antivirus over the years (or other Symantec AV products), continue to remain faithful.
It is a time-tested product that almost everyone is familiar with.

Below are some highlights included in the basic version of Norton Antivirus 2005:

  • Automatically removes viruses, worms and Trojan horses
  • Blocks Internet worm attacks
  • Includes email and instant message attachments protection
  • Provides automatic virus protection updates
  • Detects virus infections in compressed file archives
  • Defends against Spyware and other emerging threats
  • Blocks Internet worms like "Blaster" at multiple points of entry
  • Provides more proactive protection with the integrated ease-of-use design
  • Protects against Internet Worms out of the box without required user configuration or interaction
  • Safeguards users' PC and prevents it from spreading viruses to their friends and colleagues

Other notable products in the Pay category and frequently mentioned by our participants in the Poll were (in order of popularity from the highest to lowest vote count):
  • Kaspersky (Very popular and second in votes as far as Pay Software).
  • Mcaffee
  • Nod32
  • EZAntivirus
  • Trend Micro

    While not as popular in our particular Poll, there were still a fair number of votes for several other pay versions.

    (Again, continuing in order of vote count from highest to lowest):
  • F-Prot
  • Panda
  • F-Secure
  • Bit Defender
  • Sophos
  • Dr Web

    Moving on to the number two overall winner in the Poll, AVG came in as a close second behind Norton with 211 votes and 20% of the total.

    While Grisoft does offer both free and pay versions, the free version is extremely popular, and judging by actual statements in the Poll, the free version most likely represents the majority of the 211 votes it received.

    Avast (also offering both a free and pay version), was the main contender as the other popular choice for free Antivirus protection. Again, use of the free version was reflected in the comments during the Poll and from discussions we have seen in the past.
    With 94 votes and 9% of the total, it was not as popular as AVG, but judging from the comments, Avast users love this Software, and it comes highly recommended as a free program. As with AVG, there are some that use the respective pay versions (usually after testing the free versions and liking what they see, and for the extra features).

    * After reading the many comments, the obvious conclusion is that whatever the choice, people are finding a product that they feel comfortable with, and for the most part, sticking with it.

    In this day and age, there is no denying that Antivirus protection is important and certainly just about any legitimate product is better than none at all.
    It is nice to know that our participants seem to agree.

    Surprisingly, there is still the adventurous group out there that claim they dont use any Antivirus protection at all (31 votes representing 3% of the total). With new threats evolving every day, and different ways to become infected, this is probably not a wise choice to say the least.

    Note that in addition to the enormous number of actual votes, there were also some excellent comments and opinions posted in the thread itself. Some of them offer very helpful insight as to why people use a particular product, (or why they chose Other), so be sure to check out the Poll and read through the thread when you get a chance for further information!

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