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We are glad you asked.

Here is a web-site that will give you a lot of information as well as a map to get there.

Swim trunks might be optional.


In Armuchee just north of Rome, GA, there are quite a few. Starting at the hwy 27 north bridge over Armuchee creek, there is an old swimming and creek side place to have fun behind Armuchee baptist church, going further north taking Haywood valley road. When Haywood valley and dry creek rd intersect you are close to 2 old holes. just 200 yards north on Haywood valley to your left is an old path that leads to an old rope swing. If you take dry creek, you will pass an old canoe rental shop, cross a small bridge and then about 600 yards on left a dirt road. This will take you to the "Cold hole" an old underwater cave that was dynamited in the 70's or 80's. Water is a cool 42 degrees. flows into a small pool where it meets up with the bend of the creek. A great place for camping and fishing and lounging around.

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