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Here's a list of moderately technical articles on DOF--"moderately technical", in this case, means that no more than high school algebra is required. None of them are complete enough to give a full understanding, but if you work your way through the whole set you'll know about as much as anyone does on this topic.

»www.oncloserinspection.com/Photo ··· yths.htm
»www.rags-int-inc.com/PhotoTechSt ··· uff/DoF/
»www.photo.net/learn/optics/dofdi ··· digital/
»www.vanwalree.com/optics/dof.htm ··· dof.html
»www.vanwalree.com/optics/dofderi ··· ion.html
»bobatkins.photo.net/info/dofdiff ··· diff.htm
»www.edmundoptics.com/techSupport ··· leid=288
»www.largeformatphotography.info/ ··· oDoF.pdf

All links were tested at the time of this posting (07-26-05), although some were a little slow....

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