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Defragmentation defined Wikipedia

The results from this POLL indicated that the largest percentage of our members who voted are using Windows built in defrag software. A good explanation of the Windows defragmentation utility can be found at The Elder Geek

Of those who use third party defragmentation software the voting was very close between Perfect Disk and Diskeeper.

"PerfectDisk Version 7.0 delivers speed, thoroughness, and ease-of-use for all Windows home, small business, and large enterprise users. Certified by Microsoft for Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003, PerfectDisk is designed for today's largest disk drives. If you are serious about disk defragmentation, optimization, and free space consolidation, you'll find PerfectDisk meets your high demands and requirements."

"New Diskeeper 9 is the "Set It and Forget It" high-speed defragmenter that runs undetectably in the background and makes the problems of fragmentation go away forever! Diskeeper is packed with features and new technology that keep your systems running at top speed and protect critical system files, ensuring like-new levels of performance. Your systems can perform like new again get Diskeeper 9 and see!"

Other defragmentation software receiving votes were:

O&O Defrag

Diskeeper Lite


Buzzsaw and Dirms

Abexo Defragmentor

MindSoft Defrag

Another specialty defrag tool mentioned by several members, that was not included in the poll is PageDefrag Utility from Sysinternals

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