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Static IP is available for all FastAccess residential and business accounts. There are various options and some packages include a static IP (at no extra charge) and other packages offer it at an additional cost. FastAccess Extreme offers static IP at no additional charge but the default order mode is for a dynamic IP. You must specifically request a static IP. Important Note: Some customers have reported that they lost their static IP when changes were made to their account. If you lost your static IP due to a move, change of service level, or pricing plan you can reorder it through the website.

You can request a static IP (or remove a static IP) via the BellSouth FastAccess Website as shown below.

Step 1
Log on to BellSouth FastAccess Website and select whether you have Residential or Business FastAccess.

Step 2
Click on Upgrade My FastAccess Service from the Existing Customers menu.

Step 3
Enter the telephone number. Click Manage.

Step 4
Enter your primary username (if this is the first time you have used this site) and click Continue. If you have previously set a different username for this site please enter it instead.

Step 5
Select Upgrade or modify my existing FastAccess DSL Service and click Continue.

Step 6
Your current service information will be displayed in the upper left. Available options and services will be shown. Select the Static IP option (and/or any other changes you wish to make) and click Continue and then follow the prompts.

Important Note: Your plan may have several options available. If an option is not shown you are not eligible for that service or option. The screen shot below is an example only and does not show all available options or services. Your actual options will vary.

Step 7
When your order is completed you should receive a confirmation email. You can also verify the order status online by checking here. After your order is complete you must reboot your equipment (PC/modem/router/etc).

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