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MacroMan, the author of Digitools has generously given DI Forum members many free Photoshop action sets over the years.

This is a collection of links to the relevant threads:

»New Framing Action Set
»[Tutorial] Sketching Action
»[Tutorial] Faux IR Adobe PS Action Beta
»[Tutorial] B&W TriTone Tinting Action
»[Tutorial] Vector Art Action
»Painting Action for PS Beta Tests
»[Tutorial] TransParent Framing Action
»[Tutorial] Pop Sketcher & Painter Action
»[Tutorial] Downsizing & Framing Action for Web
»[Tutorial] Downsizing Action Set
»[Tutorial] Painter Lite Action
»[Tutorial] Digital Filter Set for Adobe
»[Tutorial] Watermarking
»[Tutorial] Adding EXIF Data Display To Images in PS
New 2-7-06: »[Tutorial] Ultra Sharpening Action Set
It's worth reading through each thread for examples and updates.

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