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These are the basic modems included with the self-install kits.

The Motorola 2210-02-1att dsl modem 2010-
This is the uverse adsl modem

The Westell 6100 dsl modem 2009-
This modem has on board PPPoE and line stats

The Motorola 2210 dsl modem October 2007-
This modem has on board PPPoE and line stats

The Speedstream 4100/4100b dsl modem June 2005-September 2007
This modem has on board PPPoE and line stats

The Speedstream 5100b dsl modem Feb 2004-June 2005
This modem has on board PPPoE and line stats

The Speedstream 5100a dsl modem summer/fall of 2002 -Feb 2004
Bridge only, some line stats.

The Speedstream 5360 dsl modem 2002
Bridge only

The Speedstream 5260/5262 dsl modem 2001
Some 5260/5262 modems have line stats

The Speedstream 4060 USB dsl modem 2000-2001
This modem has good line stats

The Speedstream 3060 PCI dsl modem 2000. Also used with PPPoA accounts.
This modem has good line stats

Westell Wirespeed 516 dsl modem May 2000 - Sept. 2001
This modem has some line stats

Alcatel Speed Touch USB modem

Alcatel ADSL 1000[atm modem] with a Efficient 3010 ATM25 NIC prior to May 2000

Alcatel Speed Touch Home ATMF-25.6 / 10BaseT Ethernet modem 1999

Here are the 5 static IP router/modem lineup. In addition to being a DSL modem
and a router they support the PPPoE 5 static IP packages and they all have good line stats.

Netopia/Cayman 3346

Netopia/Cayman 3546

Speedstream 5861

Cabletron 255 SmartSwitch Router. This modem is also named Flowpoint.
Efficient Networks bought out Cabletron/Flowpoint

2Wire 2701HG-B

2Wire 2700HG-B

2Wire Home/Office Portal

Cayman 3220-H

List of AT&T Tech supported DSL modems/routers (current and obsolete):
Alcatel Speed Touch
Alcatel Speed Touch USB
Alcatel 1000
Westell Wirespeed
Compaq TI PCI
Cayman 3220-H
Efficient Speedstream - 3060 PCI
Efficient Speedstream - 4060
Efficient Speedstream - 5260
Efficient Speedstream - 5861
Efficient Speedstream - 5360
Efficient Speedstream - 5100
Efficient Speedstream - 5100B DSL
Siemens 4100 Modem
Siemens 4100B Modem
2 Wire Homeportal series
2Wire 1070B
Cayman 3220-H
Netopia 3546
Netopia 3346N

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