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This information quoted directly from the site:

What if I forget my password?

When you set up your system password, you can enter a password hint. A hint is a word, phrase, or question that can remind you what the system password is. On the password entry page, there is a "I forgot my password" link. When you click this link, another page opens up which shows you your hint and allows you to enter your password.

While your hint should be descriptive enough to help you remember your password, it should be something that is only meaningful to you. For example, your hint might be "Name of first pet" (Password: Spot123). However, your hint should not be "My last name" if your password is "Smith" as it would be easy for someone to figure out your password from the hint.

If after your hint is shown to you, you still can't remember your password, there is a "I still can't remember my password" link that you can click to take you to a page to obtain a temporary password. To obtain a temporary password, you must call the support telephone number on the screen and provide the special code number that is generated by your HomePortal. The support representative will use this special code number to generate a temporary password. Once you have entered the temporary password, you can then change your password and enter an appropriate hint.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • If you call tech support, ask for Level 2 Tech. If they try to give you anything other than Level 2 Tech, dont budge. Level 2 Tech is easier to understand, and they generally do a better job.

    2015-02-01 18:14:58

  • i change once my password and i try to change again but it said wrong password i remember both the old one and new one how can i log in?

    2014-04-15 11:43:14

  • for AT&T router, try using the WEP key.

    2013-09-30 19:59:40

  • It's usually ON the 2WIRE box. Says wi-FI password.

    2013-09-01 08:30:21

  • ATT wants to CHARGE me to reset password on THEIR leased router!!! Key on box doesn't work (I did a router reset). It's a 2WIRE, Inc. router. Anybody.

    2013-04-05 15:02:54

  • Numbers between the brackets like the person said before me worked like a charm I located mine under the s/n # there was a barcode separating the password number in the the brackets from the s/n # if that help big ups to the person who originally stated the tip

    2012-08-22 12:53:01

  • I have AT&T Router that came with UVerse. I have no bracketed number under the bar code. In fact, I have two barcodes. The router has a numerical password but my new printer says I need a "passphrase." What do I do now?

    2012-05-16 16:43:38

  • Thank you so much and may Father Yehweh which is the true God bless and be with you and yours, you saved me so many problems. If I can ever help let me know, Regards

    2012-04-14 23:36:25

  • I agree....thanks to the person that told us the password was the number in brackets under the barcode. I would still be looking!

    2012-04-05 03:02:14

  • i forgot my pass word

    2012-03-09 15:55:45

  • Another thanks goes out to [CODE IN BRACKETS] the mystery hero !

    2012-03-09 00:01:53

  • I must say I have made many phone calls and talked to hundreds (so it seems) of people and 3 months later I found this site and wala I am back on my home wifi with my nook color. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU

    2012-01-22 08:13:10

  • i am confused, have had my router for 2 years through AT&T Uverse service. The 2Wire Router has a bar code but no number under it in parenthesis. Have been trying to enter password so I can configure my ipod with no success. When Uverse was installed the tech did all this stuff but I do not recall ever setting up a password - is this something that would normally have been done by a tech?

    2011-12-28 22:33:00

  • MANY MANY BLESSINGS & MUCH THANKS TO PERSON WHO STATED..”CODE IN BRACKETS.” I am 60 years old, JUST got iPhone, my 90 yr.old mother (who lives with me) just took dirty dishes out of dishwasher & put them away in cabinets, and I was literally ripping my eyeballs out - you saved my sanity! Thanks so much!

    2011-12-27 10:50:57


    2011-12-21 19:00:48

  • Contacted SBC home networking..because I'm using a 2wire 1000w version they no longer have reset capabilities because I have an old modem they want me to buy a brand new one. I'be been with them since 2000 and they still don't offer their fastest speed in my area. This is my hint to move on to another company

    2011-11-06 15:25:03

  • yes, ditto to the person who pointed out the WEP is in the brackets on the 2WIRE casing - thanks!

    2011-04-27 00:50:23

  • will it work for a ipad and all the networks are 2wire086 and 2wire182..?

    2011-01-03 18:14:07

  • how do i even set up my router password?

    2011-01-03 01:29:03

  • Thank you to the person who said it is under the bar code in brackets!

    2010-12-26 22:44:30

  • I had the same problem. The password my internet provider gave me would not work. I did find the password on the modem itself. It is the number below the SN # and barcode which is in brackets. Enter numbers only.

    2010-12-03 01:45:03

  • Mine is on the bottom of the router right under what looks like a bar code, and it's in brackets.

    2010-11-06 17:45:38

  • what if you dont know yo to 2wire.and your mom got it for u and u wont internet

    2010-06-22 20:54:56

  • I think it on the label on the side of your router.

    2010-04-26 17:10:20

  • It will ask for the temporary password if you have tried typing the wrong password 3 times . but if it is asking for your system password after you click the link that says " I still can't remember my password " . that is the numbers enclosed in parenthesis below the sn(serial number) number . . . .

    2010-04-02 21:10:24

  • i have my 2wire set up and when i go to connect on my laptop it needs a password. i entered what i thought i put it as and it isnt it. is there a way i can reset my password?

    2009-12-28 20:10:57

  • All you got to do is press the reset button for like 5 seconds ant it will go to factory defaults... from there all you got to do is reconfigure the password... hope it helps man

    2009-07-26 00:56:55


    2009-02-15 11:11:25

  • i want wireless

    2008-12-03 00:51:03

  • Been on the phone for 3 hours tonight. SBC won't provide temp password for 2wire modem even though they are the ones listed as contact number for tech support.Says it's because they are no longer my ISP. Send me back to Earthlink who, in turn, try to give me a temp email password......soooo, I try to explain I need to get a 2wire modem reset password....give them the 20 digit code and they still have no clue what I need.....transfers me back to SBC......same song second verse.....they won't help and ask me if I have considered calling 2wire? Yes----that's who transferred my call to SBC. Is there any way out of the mess?

    2008-09-10 02:05:28

  • mine says please call NONE at NONE and to get the temp. password.... there no numbers or anything. does this mean i'm screwed?

    2008-05-21 02:40:47

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