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1- Activate the VPN server in your win2k3 server (plenty of tutorial on the web for that part), forward the TCP port 1723 to your server and activate PPTP pass through aka GRE 47 on your router. At this point you should be able to connect to your VPN and ping the server
2- On your Win2k3 server, In routing and remote access go to your server/IP routing/, open the properties of NAT/basic firewall go to address assignment check the DHCP option and put in the IP of your DHCP server (usually your router or win2k3 server). Also go to Name resolution and check the first option.
3- Let your server digest the new VPN settings for a minute even though its supposed to work right away my server proved me the opposite. You also have to reconnect to the VPN.
4- Teh ( <- not a typo ) MAGIC setting and for the love of god someone explain to me why this works!, set your MTU to manual and set it to 1400.

Normally you shouldn't have to mess around with this setting but for some reason it just wouldn't work with my router.

Hope that helps!

Fred aka thecrazy See Profile

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I'm pretty sure the MTU has to be set to 1400 because of the additional protocol overhead with the tunnel. If it was left at 1500 the stack could put enough data into a packet that the additional overhead of the VPN tunnel headers would push it over 1500 bytes.

    2010-03-09 15:57:29

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