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  • Sony VAIO PCG-FX215
Well now I am going to review my dads Sony VAIO FX215 (PCG-FX215)

Sony laptop specs

Mobile AMD DuronTM processor 800 MHz
15" XGA (1024x768) TFT screen
10Base-T/100Base-TX integrated Ethernet
All-in-one design with floppy drive, hard drive, and DVD-ROM drive
256mb of ram
10 GB
NTSC video out
200 MHz bus speed
ATI RAGETM Mobility graphics chip with 8 MB video SDRAM and 3D graphics support
i.LINK (IEEE 1394) S400 interface supports high-speed digital video, audio, and data transfer capabilities among equipped Sony products
Approximately 6.7 lbs. Light , about 2" thin
Integrated V.90 modem Built-in speakers

Overview- This laptop is around 4-5 years old and I believe that my dad made the right choice when he bought this laptop for himself. At that time 800MHz was a good amount of power and it is still enough to do daily tasks like using MS word, surfing the internet, and checking your mail.

Reasons for getting this laptop- He got this laptop because he is a businessman and because he moved around a lot from one location to another.

Uses for the laptop- This laptop is still great today, and I personally love it. I believe that this laptop is still very functional especially for business people, or people who only use their laptops for programming or typing. This Sony laptop is around 6.7 lbs and I think that its not very heavy considering that its 4 years old.

Overall impression of the build quality- I have to say that after all these years this laptop is in great shape, and the build quality is remarkable. This laptop is made from good quality plastic which did not crack in any places. In a way the Sony seems to be built a little tougher than my HP dv4170.

Keyboard, buttons, and overall placement of ports-The keyboard is well built, but comparing it to my dv4170 it is clear to see that Sonys keyboard is a little smaller. The actual keys do not make any loud noises and even after all these years they still function with no problems. This laptop is very different than my HP because all the main ports are at the back of the laptop. One main difference is that this laptop has only 2 USB ports while my hp dv4170 has 4 usb ports. The laptop includes other ports like Serial, parallel, VGA, NTSC video out, USB, RJ-11 phone jack, i.LINK S400 interface. On the left side of the laptop are ports like the microphone, and headphones while on the right is the DVD drive.

Audio- The audio in this laptop is pretty good, and the built in speakers produce decent quality sound.

DVD and CD drive- Movies on this laptop still look very good, even though, this is an older laptop. The DVD drive makes little noise and it performs a good job at reading cds.

Wireless- unfortunately this laptop does not have a built in wireless card.

Performance- The 800 MHz processor has enough power for surfing the internet, using MS word, and even simple photo editing. This laptop has enough power to satisfy a person who does not use his laptop for gaming, or applications that require a 3-D card greater than 8mb or a processor faster than 800Mhz.

-very good build quality, even after these years the laptop is in great shape
-good quality 15 inch screen
-the laptop does not make a lot of noise

-most of the ports are at the back
-battery life is 1-1.5 hours
-no built in wireless

Some Obvious Things
-this laptop is not for gaming because of 8mb card
-the battery cannot recharge like it used to (15-20 minutes of use now left in the battery)

Conclusion- Overall, this is a great laptop that has lasted all these years with no problems. I recommend this laptop for a student or a person who does need a top of the line processor.

-Thanks for reading :D

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • mi nobre es isai y tengo una lap top com la tuya pero no me puedo conectar a internet por que me falta el controlador de la taarjeta de res, me preguntaba si me lo podrias proporcionar y si por si acaso tienes los disco de recuperacion, tendrias ela amavilidad de ponerlos para poder descargarlos? mi correo es guapini2@hotmail.com y soy de Zacatecas, Mex. Deante mana gracias por leer mi comentario...

    2010-03-03 20:13:23

  • i have the same laptop and there is a switch on the front for the wireless card

    2009-05-27 21:13:53

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