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Processor: Intel Pentium M (1.6GHz)730
RAM: 1 512 MB DDR PC2700 stick/1 slot empty.
Hard drive: Fujitsu 80GB 4200rpm
Optical: Super multi drive DVDRW / DVD-RAM
Input device: Keyboard, Touchpad, CD controls.
Media Reader: 6in1 Card reader
Weight: 6.2 lbs
Dimensions: 14.2 in x 10.6 in x 1.7 in
Display: 15.4 TFT WXGA (TruBrite)
Max resolution: 1280 x 800
Video RAM installed: Intel Graphics Media Accelarator 900 128MB on chip
Communication: Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2200BG 802.11b/g
Audio: Analog Devices AC'97 Sound 16bit MIC in/Headphone out
Networking: Marvel 10/100 Ethernet
Modem: V.92 56 Kbps Fax / modem
Ports/Slots: RGB, Svideo, 3USB 2.0, RJ11, RJ45, iLink IEEE 1394, 1 PC card slot
Battery installed: 1 Lithium ion 6 cell
Mfr estimated battery life: 2.5 hours
OS provided: Microsoft Windows XP Home
Service & support type: 1 year

Review: I'm not a laptop wizard but I did carefully compare features and prices before I bought my M45-S331 and so far I'm happy with my choice (I've had it about 2 months.

One of my must haves was a DVD+/-RW drive because I experienced how frustrating it was with my old HP computer not being able to write to a dvd. Even if you don't want to make 'movies' on a DVD now, sooner or later you are going to want to be able to write to a DVD, even if it's for nothing more than archiving data. Most models in this price range can only read DVDs.

Another must was the Pentium M 730 processor for its power management capabilities. If you're buying a notebook, don't you want to do all you can to have a longer life battery?

A third must have was a widescreen. True, it's kind of a vanity feature but getting a new notebook with a squarish screen is like getting a new sports car with cloth seats... the day after you buy it you'll wish you'd opted for leather.

One thing that put me over the top in deciding to buy this laptop was seeing how vivid the screen is it is truly amazing. One feature I wanted but couldn't find was a touchpad with a good scrolling capability. You can scroll with this model's touchpad but its kinda tricky.

As for the built-in wireless capability, I got it connected through a linksys wireless G router. I love having the option of picking up the laptop and moving from room to room.

Memory size, 512 MB comes standard which is sufficient for my needs but a good thing is the manufacturer has left a empty slot for an additional memory chip if need be.

The case is sleek and goodlooking. It has little too much plastic feel for my tastes I would have preferred my old HPs clamshell design but overall I am happy with the design.

Weight was a very important factor in my buying decision. My old HP notebook weighed in at a whopping 11 lbs while this notebook weighs in at about 6 lbs with battery.

Reliability has been good so far while I have only owned the notebook for 2 months everything has been working great. Through my research I discovered several issues people had with this notebook. I have since updated the BIOS to 1.6 which in turn has resolved most of the known issues. Mainly the notebook freezing upon connecting and or disconnecting the AC power.

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