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Some DSL installations require your PC have a network card. If you have to provide this yourself, you are looking for a 10/100mbps auto-sensing PCI network card for a PC. You are looking for something with a brand you are comfortable with, for instance 3com or Intel. Price range is currently from $20-$60. don't waste your money on cards with features such as wake-up packet and lan management, since you are buying for home use.
Several other connection options exist. Residential DSL is often provided with a combined DSL modem and card, that is added to your PC. This card is all you need. These cards are known as PCI DSL modems, and are designed for Intel PCs.
Another connection option is a USB DSL modem. These are newer and more likely to suffer from incompatibilities wth your PC or operating system, but they have the advantage of working on Macintosh, and possibly USB capable laptops as well.
For small business, you are likely to already have network cards, as you would almost certainly have an existing local area network.

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