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1.) First you must download EMIII from here.

2.) Unzip EMIII either into where you have your F@H files, or as I do, make a new folder named EMIII and place EMIII files into that folder.

3.) Next, make a Desktop shortcut by right clicking on the EMIII.exe file (looks like a little microscope), then SendTo/Desktop as a shortcut.

4.) Now double-click the icon on desktop. The option window will open. Now before setup, move the EMIII and option window off to the side of desktop so center of desktop is clear, the reason will become clear in a bit.

5.) In the options window, Click the "Browse to folder" icon I have highlighted in red, which allows you to search for and point to the FAH client(s) that you want EMIII to track.

6.) Now browse to your F@H folder where the client files are and select the FAH Client. A warning message may popup in the center of your desktop (this is why we moved things in step 4) warning about the client being wrong, just accept.

7.) Now you should be back to the Options window, Place a name you choose in the "Box Name" area, then hit "Add a Box". Now check the box in upper section where I have the red arrow and click "Save Editing".

8.) In General Settings, I have selected these options. Once you check the settings you want, close the window, EMIII saves the settings automatically.

9.) Once you have completed one Work Unit, the page below will show in the options menu, giving you the options to make a HTML stats page.

These are my settings:

•Time Per Frame
•Box Name
•Protein points
•Frames (Change default 100 to 400)
•Time/Frame Ave
•Table Border
•W/U Total Time
•Save XYZ File

10.) If you would like to install the BBR Team Helix skin for EMIII, download the skin here.
Unzip and put the files in the EMIII skin file.
Go to the EMIII options menu and then the Skins Settings page.
Click on the BBRskin and the skin will change.

Your EMIII should look like below:

I hope you find this guide helpful!
If you find anything in the guide that is incorrect or out of date, please let us know.
If you have more advanced installation questions, please ask them in the forum.

Edit: At this time, if you have not already downloaded EMIII, you will be unable to do so. We hope that we will see TheWeatherMan in the future, but suggest that, in the meantime, a suitable substitute for EMIII might be FahMon.

You can download FahMon here.

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