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My new modem will not sync - shows no DSL Signal. -

Older modems in DSL service and the the Alcatel 1000 series that were provided in years past to use the "line 2" positions on the phone jack (typically marked yellow/black - the outer pair of pins) while the newer Westells, 2Wire, and Efficient units use "line 1" (red/green - inner pair of pins). If you didn't rewire the jack you're on the wrong pins.

Either switch the line positions in the jack or purchase a two-line splitter, which will give you a Line 1, Line 2 and Line 1+2 jack when plugged into your existing (old unmodified) DSL phone jack. Use Line 2 for a Westell or Efficient modem (which will bring the outer pins to the inner pins of the jack). These adapters are available just about everywhere that sells phone accessories.

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