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In a recent BBR Software Forum poll, visitors were asked to vote for their favorite backup or imaging software. By a wide margin, Acronis True Image took top honors, gathering nearly half of all votes cast for both types of software.

Backup and imaging software should be your first line of defense against data loss. Hard drive crashes, accidental deletion of files or formatting of drives can all render your data unrecoverable. Backup and imaging utilities make it easy to recover your data should disaster strike.

Backup software differs from imaging software in that it's primary purpose is to backup individual files or folders, many times on a daily basis. Imaging software, on the other hand, is used to make image files of entire drives or partitions. In the event of hard drive failure or other circumstances where you cannot boot into the operating system, these images can be restored to a new or existing drive. In most cases, you'll be back in business in just minutes. Images are normally stored on another physical drive or on removable media such as CD or DVD.

Acronis, a relative newcomer to the disk imaging arena, has taken on the major players such as Symantec and has become an almost overnight success. True Image users prefer it's ease of use, easy to navigate GUI and overall speed compared to other solutions. If TI has one drawback, that would have to be it's inability to image directly to DVD media. DVD media must be formatted first with packet writing software and this can be a very time-consuming process. Hopefully, future versions will resolve this issue.

Norton's Ghost was a distant second, with older versions (2003 and earlier) preferred over Norton's newest offering, Ghost 9.0. Others receiving votes were Powerquest's DriveImage (recently acquired by Symantec and reborn as Ghost 9.0), Dantz Retrospect and TeraByte's Image for Windows/DOS.

Preferences for backup software was pretty evenly distributed among the candidates with no clear winner in that category.

Software choices in the imaging category included:
Acronis True Image
Norton Ghost 9.0
•Norton Ghost (2003 or earlier)
•Norton Ghost Corporate Editions
•Powerquest DriveImage 7
•Powerquest DriveImage (2002 or earlier)
Symantec LiveState Recovery Desktop 3.0
•Powerquest V2i Protector
Dantz Retrospect (all versions)
Paragon Drive Backup
Partition Image (Linux)
TeraByte Image for Windows/DOS

Backup software choices included:
•Windows Backup Utility
BackUp MyPC
Veritas Backup Exec
Genie Backup Manager (Home or Pro)
Nero BackItUp

"System Restore" type utilities included:
Norton (Roxio) GoBack

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