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FIOS-TV channels are all digital. Your channels are sent using Passive Optical Networking (BPON/GPON) to your home, which results in no degradation of the signal.

Verizon passes through the video signal exactly as received from the content provider. No additional compression is used, unlike the satellite and cable companies, which apply additional compression to conserve bandwidth.

Unlike satellite, FIOS will does not blackout during heavy weather.

Video-on-Demand (VOD) is transmitted using IPTV (TV over internet). This makes more channels (QAMs) available. Cable systems must dedicate QAMs just for VOD.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:

  • Now that some channels are delivered as MPEG4 to Verizon, these channels are reencoded to MPEG2. They try to keep the HD quality the same. Some are also sent some that are downgraded to a SD quality for delivery as an SD channel.

    2011-08-17 15:18:51 (tnsprin See Profile)

  • Addition suggestion: How does Home Media DVR work? The DVR goes to the main TV location. The set-top boxes are linked via a Moca (coax) network using the Actiontec router. The recorded program transfers from the DVR to the other STBs via the Moca (coax) network.

    2010-10-29 09:49:59 (oOOOo See Profile)

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