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From this thread /forum/remark,14481897 by n4mwd See Profile

I was getting these pings on all networked computers which originated from the 2wire homeportal. I contacted 2wire support and after much arm twisting they responded with:

"Regarding the actual cause of this issue, I have more information as well. First off, it was not a DOS attack or any malicious activity, this was intended behavior. The firmware release that you had originally put on the HomePortal (3.5.24) was designed to work in conjunction with the HomePortal monitoring software. This software created a web server on the computer and had /media/status.html file which stored connection information about the computer the software was running on. The HomePortal grabbed this file, pulled the information out of it, and updated its information with what it had. I have confirmed that this behavior does NOT exist in 3.7.x firmware."

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