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A splitter is preferred over a filter. Having a splitter has been known to increase your bandwidth a little because the filters add line length. And extra line length on an already long line can be detrimental.

FAQ by kadar

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • You don't need to run more wire. You can use one of the unused pairs in the existing cable runs and just install a new dedicated jack for the DSL modem. IMO filters are junk and often the cause of poor DSL performance. Using a splitter is the way to go. With filters I was dropping connection several times a day, and syncing only at 3-5Mbps. Once a splitter and dedicated jack on the spare set of wires was installed, I went to a rock solid connection that never drops and the full 7.1Mpbs I'm paying for. I went for 15 years not realizing how much the filters were effecting my DSL performance!

    2012-09-15 02:38:07

  • So... A Filter can be used either on every phone jack, or inside the NID? A Filter inside the NID will act upon all subsequent phone jacks in the house? A Splitter inside the NID will act upon all subsequent phone jacks in the house? So installing either in the NID would require you to punch down a second set of phone wires throughout the house (one for the computer and one for the telephone) AND split the TELCO drop into two?

    2011-08-11 18:39:42

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