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how-to block ads

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According to our recent poll, regarding Cookie Controls, conducted by Lucky See Profile, a resounding portion of our members chose "none", stating they use their computers browser settings effectively enough.

The main purpose of cookies is to identify users and possibly prepare customized Web content. Some internet users are taking control of their computer, not allowing themselves to be readily tracked by tiny text files embedded onto their hard drives.

Second place came in for "other", including these programs discussed in the thread:

MRUBlaster - Javacool Software

CookiePatrol - Computer Associates

Window Washer - Webroot

CCleaner - Ccleaner.com

Cookie Jar 1.01 - Jason Levine

Additional Programs/Resources:

The majority of these programs are specific to managing cookies, although included are a couple of "multiple use" programs like Proxomitron and ZoneAlarm.

Cookie Crusher
Cookies Manager
Cookie Monster
Cookie Pal
Cookie Wall
Cookieculler (FF extension)
Karen's Cookie Viewer
Permit cookies (FF extension)
ZoneAlarm Pro

No files are destroyed or compromised by cookies, but if it concerns you about being identified or about having your web browsing traced through the use of a cookie, either set your browser to not accept cookies or use one of the cookie blocking programs available to you.

Note: All links verified as of 10-07-05

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