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The D-Link routers are no longer supplied. This FAQ is specific to D-Link models provided by Verizon and is retained in its original form.

Currently, your IP address may change if you 1) release then renew your WAN IP, 2) reboot your primary router, 3) lose power through DHCP lease expiration, or 4) request FSC to release your IP. Note, you may also do all the above and get the same IP address you had.
our IP address shouldn't change very often. If you suspect your address is changing too often (more than once a day) you may want to verify that your D-Link router is running the most recent Verizon firmware.

To check the firmware version of your Verizon provided D-Link router, open your web browser and connect to this address [].

It should ask for a username and password. If you have not changed these since installation, enter a username of "admin" (without quotes) and leave the password field blank.

Click on the "Tools" tab, and then click on the "Firmware" button to the left. You should see the current version of firmware on your router.

•For Verizon D-Link DI-604 routers, this should be version 1.07 or better.
•For Verizon D-Link DI-624 "wireless" routers, this should be version 2.43 or better.

If your version is older, you can download an updated version of the firmware from this Verizon page [click here].

Warning: Upgrading the firmware on the router runs the risk of rendering the router inoperable! If you don't feel comfortable doing this procedure, contact Verizon and ask FiOS support for assistance! This firmware is for Verizon provided D-Link routers; do not attempt to install this firmware on a retail D-Link router.

Instructions for installing the firmware are available from the link below. Do not download the firmware from D-Link, use the firmware from the Verizon site above!

»support.dlink.com/faq/view.asp?p ··· re%20624

After installing the firmware, test to see if your IP address changes less frequently. If it continues to change, you may have another problem. Contact FiOS support for additional troubleshooting. If you have a FiOS package (Verizon phone, LD and internet) you are most likely an "Encore" customer, and entitled to Encore support. They are much more knowledgeable that Verizon first line support. Ask for Encore support if you can.

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