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It needs no introduction, and it's the one thing even the least knowledgeable computer user knows about and uses more or less frequently: email (or E-Mail).

Most people like to keep "dealing with email" as simple as possible. Simple means for most not having to install anything new onto their functioning systems, which automatically rules out email clients and leaves the alternative: webmail. If you're looking for even further reading on the benefits of webmail, see this short but sweet article on just that topic. A considerable number of users turned out to swear by webmail. GMail, Google's webmail solution, is by far the most popular webmail service among DSLR users.

Now, let's see how DSLR users like their email! According to a recent poll in the Software Forum on e-mail clients, our members found by a slight margin, that Microsoft Outlook took 34% of the 591 votes.

    Outlook 2003 provides an integrated solution for managing and organizing e-mail messages, schedules, tasks, notes, contacts, and other information. Outlook works directly with other programs in the Microsoft Office System. Outlook delivers innovations that you can use to manage your communications, organize your work, and work better with other people all from one place. Features found only in Outlook include support for Microsoft Exchange Server e-mail accounts, Out of Office automatic e-mail replies, group calendar scheduling, multiple address books, tasks, notes, junk e-mail filtering, automatic backup, and archiving of items.

You can view a comparison here on the differences between Microsoft Outlook vs. the third place finisher, Outlook Express.

Outlook was very closely followed by Mozilla's free alternative: Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird has become enough popular to trump even the very successful Microsoft Outlook Express.

    Thunderbird is a free, open-source and cross-platform mail client for most operating systems including, but not limited to, Windows, Linux and Macintosh. It is based on the Mozilla codebase. It is a robust and easy to use client, similar to competing products like Outlook Express, but with some major advantages such as junk mail classification.

System Requirements for Windows, Linux & Macs are found here

Some other of e-mail clients covered in this [POLL] that folks noted they used are listed below:
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