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No. FiOS is a transport medium for Verizon communications, meaning this is a brand new fiber-optic network being built, from scratch, to your home, and around your area. That said, all installation is done by Verizon Technicians. However, somewhere down the line, when every home is wired "fiber-optically" (even if you're not using any of Verizon services), there will be a Self Install package available. Maybe.

Installation by a Verizon technician, even for a location with previously installed fiber and hardware, is a good practice since it provides an opportunity to verify coax wiring quality can support TV signals. Also, don't forget there are two parts to an installation--at the customer premises as well as at the Central Office.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • Self-install options are now available if an ONT is already installed at a location.

    2012-11-26 23:03:42

  • there are self install options available ...

    2012-03-09 09:27:58

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