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In general, FIOS does not use modems*. FiOS is wired to your home, then converted from fiber to video, internet, and telephone in the ONT.
* Exceptions to this are MDU installations where VDSL is used between a central ONT and a VDSL modem in each apartment.

• Video (except VOD) is always delivered over coax. Verizon STBs require a coax connection to the Verizon router to provide their internet connection for VOD, guide data, widgets and other features.

• Internet can be delivered over cat5 or coax (MOCA) which connects to a Verizon provided wireless router. You then connect your computer to the router via Cat5 cabling or by wireless.

• POTS or FIOS Digital Voice (FDV) connects from the ONT to your inside phone wiring, usually through your existing copper NID.

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