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These sites deserve attention as a group as they are cooperative in function and geared toward the technically inclined. There are gigs of data available from thousands of stations across the continent and Hawaii. Here's a way to use them to find stations and see data.

First, check out Findu.com - Data here comes from CWOP and APRS stations and includes some CWOPs and APRSs that aren't listed in the wxqa site.


Next, see the APRS page - There's a nice zoomable map that displays station callsigns and IDs but at this time you can't click on them to go to the station(s).


However, you can get to the stations by entering the callsign/IDs you find in findu and APRS into the search fields on the following wulfden page;


Another way to access the stations and also bring up associated web pages not found in APRS or the wulfden query results is to Google on the callsign or ID of the station.

Note that on the wulfden page, there's a wealth of links to some really neat things like Wx stations reporting through ISS.

For a simpler view of weather stations, the University of Utah has a nice graphical locator at
»www.met.utah.edu/droman/ (requires Java)

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