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There are several sites that provide links to weather observation stations. Here are a few;

»www.anythingweather.com/ has a nice clickable map - station types include
*AnythingWeather Station
*NWS Station
*DOT Station
*Forest Service Station
*Flood District Station
*Personal Weather Station
*APRS Station
*Cooperative Weather Observer Program (CWOPs)

Here's a site listing primarily HAM stations but has many citizen stations too - it has CWOPs that the above may not have;


There are lots of Weatherbug stations out there - here's a search page for them;


Added: 3/1/2006 thanks to member EGeezer See Profile
The University of Utah's Meteorology department hosts MESOWEST, a collection of real time weather stations throughout the U.S.

To find stations, go to »www.met.utah.edu/mesowest/

You can click on the map to provide a list for your state or use the dropdown selection lists. To narrow down the list a bit, select your area in the "Region" dropdown list, then select Current Weather Summary in the "Product" dropdown list.

After selecting these, you can further select NWS stations, interagency Remote Automated Weather Stations(RAWS) or all MESOWEST reporting network stations as well as times and dates in the "settings" screen on the results page.

Mesowest gets weather station data courtesy of APRSWXNET/Citizen Weather Observer Program
and Meteorological Assimilation Data Ingest System (MADIS)

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