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DSL microfilters and in-line filters are required on all jacks that have POTS (plain Old Telephone Service) equipment attached. POTs devices include: phones, cordless phones, CallerID boxes, TeleZappers, fax machines, etc. They isolate the POTS signals from the DSL signals so there is no interference. An assortment of microfilters are shipped with the self-install kit along with your modem. BellSouth's current Self-Install Kit includes 1 wall mount filter and 4 in-line filters. Other common microfilters are also shown below.

Important Note: Because each filter increases line loss users should not use more than 5 microfilters on their inside wiring. There are active microfilters specifically designed for homes that require more than 5 filters or you should create a homerun with a single dedicated splitter.

Microfilters can by purchased online from the BellSouth Order Request Site or at most larger electronics stores like Circuit City, Radio Shack, or Comp USA, BestBuy, etc.

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