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The modem comes with a Windows utility that allows you to check your line stats. This is explained in »Speakeasy Forum FAQ »How do I check my Line Stats with the Broadxent 8012-V modem (Windows)?. However, this leaves those of us not using Windows out in the cold. Luckily, underattack made a Perl script that will run on any system with Perl installed. That includes Mac OS X, for you Mac users. It displays the same information as the Windows utility and must be run on a system that is plugged directly into the modem.

1. Download the script from »johannes.homepc.org/broadband_bl ··· aster.pl

2. Open it in a text editor

4. Change to the broadcast address of the Broadxent 8012-V, which should be

5. Change 00 b0 d0 77 4e 04 to the MAC Address of the computer or router that is plugged directly into the Broadxent 8012-V, replacing colons with spaces

6. Change 00 e0 eb 74 df c0 to the MAC Address of the Broadxent 8012-V, which is on a sticker on the bottom of it, again replacing colons with spaces

7. Save it

8. Give it executable permission

9. Run it and it will display the following information

Model Number
Receiving Port Number
Sending Port Number
MAC Address
MAC Address of computer or router plugged into Broadxent 8012-V
Firmware Version
Downstream Sync Speed
Upstream Sync Speed
Downstream Noise Margin
Upstream Noise Margin
Downstream Attenuation
Upstream Attenuation
Downstream Output Power
Upstream Output Power

Special thanks to underattack for his Perl script!

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