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As of 25th November 2005, we are restricting logins to our domain dslreports.com only. We are also going to automatically and transparently redirect all anonymous visitors to the dslreports.com domain as well. The broadbandreports.com domain will remain active, and our site logo will remain broadbandreports.com. Existing logins on broadbandreports.com will remain active, just for convenience. However, sooner or later, they will expire.

Why the shift?

Unfortunately, we have to live within the ecosystem largely defined by the Google search engine. The Google "page-rank" for dslreports.com is higher than for broadbandreports.com. Google also indexes far more pages for dslreports.com than broadbandreports.com. Google offers no function for "renaming" a site while preserving the hard-won rank within its search results. Since a large part of our income is anonymous visitors from Google (and other search engines), it is simply too costly to enforce usage of broadbandreports.com.

Why not allow both?

A login cookie created on one domain is not available on the other. Having two domains active means search engines are indexing the same content twice.

Is dslreports.com still known as BBR then?

Since the logo will still show broadbandreports.com, and the URL broadbandreports.com will still be active (albeit, redirect), then BBR is still a valid tag for the site.

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