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We want to ensure the information presented on this map by ISPs is always correct. If you believe misleading or incorrect information has been entered, or a pin does not represent a local ISP, then please send a site instant message to Justin. Please include as much information as you think is necessary, especially the USERNAME of the owner of the pin in question. (the site username is included at the end of the "bubble").

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I see no one is using this page

    2009-12-05 19:08:32 (koam See Profile)

  • Hi, The pin posted by username "King P" for the Wireless ISP for Franklin, TN could be updated to be more descriptive of the coverage area (only claims one street) and a website link if they want more info (including the PH# as it already has). I didn't know it was on the site until a customer referred to it, so I was happy to see it on the BBR site :-) Info Update: Service provided for North East 4th Ward of Franklin, get more info under the website click on the 'WISP Service' link for more info and prices. PH# is still the same for contact. Again Thanks!!

    2008-04-28 00:43:20 (knightmb See Profile)

  • My ISP is Shoreham Telephone, Shoreham, VT. I think it's the only ISP available in my town of Cornwall, VT. (we have no cable TV). ZIP 05753. not important but I don't see it listed and thought that it could be.

    2007-10-31 17:27:41 (koam See Profile)

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