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TBB user Erik has provided the following useful information for those whose account has been reprovisioned for some reason or another.

Having gone through the pain twice, I thought I would share how the second time I was able to fix everything in a few minutes (plus hold time, sorry) while the first time I spent days and multiple calls with support. This may be of value to you in the future if your account is reprovisioned for any reason.

When to expect full re-provisioning:
  • You have an open ticket and you've been told it will/may happen (unlikely); or

  • You have an open ticket and they've tried a bunch of things that didn't work, but you were not explicitly told this will happen (very likely!); or

  • Your service is working perfectly (very unlikely)

Symptoms that full re-provisioning happened:
  • You cannot login to the portal (getting invalid password message)

  • Caller names from your Directory that differ from the caller's CLI appear as the caller's CLI on your phones

  • You've previously disabled prompting for VM password, but it now prompts and your pass doesn't work

  • You have an unlisted number (and permanent outgoing CLI block) and Privacy Guard "suddenly enabled itself"

Let's fix Privacy Guard (if applicable) first, because it's easiest: dial *11, press 1. Hang up.

Next, in order of "ease-of-fix", Voice Mail: dial *98, put in the last 4 digits of your primary phone number as password.
You will be told it expired, change it to whatever you wish. Re-record greetings/whatever as appropriate.

Finally, the portal:
  1. Call support (611, options 1, 1, 1), explain you are getting the "login error: incorrect password" message and you suspect this is due to reprovisioning which occured [today/yesterday/whatever]. If you do have an open ticket, begin by saying that you're calling about that ticket and only then mention that you are unable to login as indicated earlier.
  2. They will reset your password to something and give it to you. Write it down.
  3. Login to the portal as usual with the given password.
  4. You will see a screen indicating your password has expired and must be changed. Change it to something different. Do not put the same password for old and new. Write down the new password.
  5. The portal will appear, you will notice "Error: password expired" on the Call Log page at first, the Voice Mail tab will be missing (if you have Voice Mail), and you will be unable to access the forums ("Invalid user" message when clicking the Forums tab).
  6. Proceed to Options, Change Password. Again, do not type the same password for both old and new (you can use the password you had before the account was reprovisioned). Write down the new password.
  7. After the password is changed successfully, click Logout.
  8. Login again with your new password (if you've followed the above steps exactly, you now have a piece of paper that says which is the correct password out of all of those used in the past few minutes).
  9. You will now see the Voice Mail tab is back and you can access the forums.
    As an added bonus, your old posts are still editable and your post count is not reset!

Similarly, to recover from the "Invalid user" message when accessing Forums after your password is reset by Primus, just change your password (to something different), then Logout and login again as noted above.

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last modified: 2005-12-11 21:44:07