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As seen in this post from msj See Profile: »is there a "log" in the gt-701modem

If you are running windows you need to start a command prompt window. You can do this by clicking on "Run" from the start menu and then typing in "cmd" in the "open" box, and then clicking OK.

In the command prompt window that is started you would type "telnet" (substitute the local IP address of your modem if you aren't using the default address).

You should then see this prompt: "BusyBox on dslmodem login:". Enter "admin" and hit return. You will be prompted for a password. Enter "admin" for the password. You will now be logged into your modem.

You would then type "cd /var/log" to change to the /var/log directory. You can then type "cat messages" to blast the contents of the messages file to the screen.

Apparently Actiontec has added it to the firmware as a somewhat hidden option:

As seen in this post by ewth8tr See Profile: »is there a "log" in the gt-701modem

Here is the url for the log via the web interface Actiontec hid it on the new firmware along with the OAM ping test:

It gives you exactly what telneting into the modem gives you.

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last modified: 2006-01-03 12:22:21