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Unlike the DW6000, the DW7x00 modems on accounts that come with static IPs do not automatically provide that static IP to a device. There is a separate full 192.168.0.x block of dynamic IPs assigned via the modem's DHCP service to a device configured to obtain it's addresses automatically (see Note below). To use the static IP, you will have to assign it manually to the device.

If you have a static IP, the System Info page in the System Control Center will look like this:

LAN1 IP Address: 6x.xx.xx.xx4

LAN1 Subnet Mask:

NPR IP Address:

NPR Subnet Mask:

The LAN1 IP Address: shown above is the public, or global, IP address assigned to your DW7x000 modem by Direcway and the x's in will be some number from 0 - 9. The 4 at the end is not intended to represent your actual number, it is there to provide an example to use in the instructions below. You will need to look at your modem's System Info to retrieve your own full modem IP.

DW7700 users will also have a LAN2 section which is not present in the DW7000.

You can (1) attach a single computer to the modem and assign the IP to the network adapter on the computer, or (2) you can attach a router to the modem, assign the static IP to the WAN/Internet port of the router, and let the router provide private addressing to any computers on your local network. The first method creates a computer that is directly connected to the internet, which significantly increases security concerns, so it is highly recommended to have a firewall running on the computer. The second method provides a router with a configurable "firewall" where you can forward ports as needed.

In either case, the IP address you must provide to the modem-connected device is 1 higher than the LAN1 IP address assigned to the modem and the Subnet Mask ends in 252. Using the example addressing scheme shown above, the IP address assigned to the device would be:

IP Address: 6x.x.xx.xx5 (Same number as the modem except last digit)

Mask: (Same subnet mask as the modem)

Gateway Address: 6x.xx.xx.xx4 (The IP of the modem)

You will also need to assign DNS servers manually when you configure this way. The Direcway standards would be:

As mentioned above, if you do not perform the manual configuration as shown, and instead have your router or modem-connected computer set to obtain an IP automatically, you will end up with a private 192.168.0.x address, with as the gateway.

Note: For reasons known only to Direcway, the private (192.168.0.x)
addressing on DW7x00 modems with accounts that come with static IPs is not
called NAT. It is called NPR.

By dbirdman with review by Spinnaker.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • I have a static IP and a DW7000, for me it looks like this LAN1 IP Address: LAN1 Subnet Mask: LAN1 MAC Address: xxx NAT IP Address: 67.xx.xxx.xxx NAT Subnet Mask: shouldn't they be switched? It seems like the private is in LAN, and the Static they gave me is under NAT

    2008-12-10 13:47:02

  • It would be better if there was a step by step process for people who do not understand this procedure.

    2008-12-02 22:06:41 (nissan552 See Profile)

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