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connecting without the install cd

open internet explorer..
browse to
comes to a login page asking for userid and password
put in sbcyahooreg@sbcglobal.net password sbcyahooreg
click connect
will say "you are connected, congrats. you have now successfully setup your dsl connection you are now connected to the internet"
clear out address bar
type in »sbcreg.sbcglobal.net or
comes to member agreement
walk through until you come to either registration complete
or account setup and it won't let you click next cause it saids "button disabled"
browse to the
on back of modem where the cables are there is a small white sticker that saids reset take ball point pin poke in where saids reset break through paper hold down for 2 seconds then release power light will blink red wait for first 3 lights to come back solid green and not blinking (power, ethernet,dsl)
click disconnect on the screen
comes back to login put userid and password you made with registration site and click connect should say "you are connected..blah blah blah"
should be able to browse after that

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