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What's it for? Ever had a "component not found" error come up when attempting to use an application? That's one of the things it is for - to help fix that.

Available at »support.microsoft.com/default.as ··· s;290301
Works on: Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 Server and NT/SP4 or later.

Microsoft says:
You can use the Windows Installer Clean Up Utility to remove Windows Installer
settings from your computer if a problem occurs. Although Windows Installer is
designed to be very robust, Windows Installer can become damaged if any of the
following issues occurs:

- Your computer's registry becomes corrupted.

- You or someone else inadvertently changes a registry setting that is
used by Windows Installer and that causes a problem.

- The installation of a program that uses Windows Installer (for
example, Microsoft Office 2000) is interrupted.

- There are multiple instances of Setup running at the same time, or
an instance of Setup is "blocked."

I discovered an additional situation that was repaired using this Utility. After a mirroring of a drive from a smaller to larger drive, I encountered major problems with Microsoft Office 2003, which is detailed in this thread »511735.MAINSP1op.msp Not Found

Apparently others have had the same problem under similar circumstances after using both Maxtor's MaxBlast and Western Digital's DataLife tools during the installation of a replacement hard drive.

Typically you attempt a repair installation of the application but sometimes that doesn't help. The problem can be that the registry and other installation information is telling the installer that nothing is wrong.

The program is only usable with programs that were installed using the Windows Installer. That pretty much covers the entire Microsoft line of applications.

After using the Cleanup Utility you will most likely have to reinstall the application because while the files are still on your hard drive, all of the installation and registry information about it will have been deleted.

Download and install the utility to your hard drive (it will not run properly from a floppy disk). Run the program and it will display a list of applications that can be cleaned up with it. Choose the application that has given you troubles and then reinstall that application from source to the same folder that it was originally installed to. This will prevent wasting disk space with two copies of the same application - one of which would be totally unused.

After reinstalling the application be sure and check with the Microsoft site for updates to the application, as any you've applied in the past will most likely be lost during the reinstallation of the application. When I used this tool to fix Office 2003 Professional, I did not have to re-activate the application.

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