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You cannot FAX over a DSL connection although Faxswitch.com says you can if you purchase their hardware, but you can still send and receive faxes over your regular telephone lines.

Upgrading to DSL may add a DSL modem of some kind, but if you keep your old modem, you can still use software fax products like winfaxpro. You simply use your telephone line as before, by plugging a telephone line into your dial-up modem as before. This holds true whether or not you get ADSL over your home phone or SDSL on another line.

You may also try the internet solution, and subscribe to a service like jfax.com or efax.com which provides your own dedicated fax number, and you may send faxes using a utility, and receive fax messages (and voice messages!) in your mail inbox. You might also check out faxbeep.com for a list of internet fax providers.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • faxing over the internet defeats the main purpose of faxing at all - security! When you send a regular fax over standard telephone lines, it is nearly 100% secure. It is also very difficult to tap a fax and obtain a copy. No copies are left anywhere except possibly the receive fax machine if it has storage capability. When you use a fax service over the internet, copies of your document are stored in every server it passes through, and it is simple to get one of those copies if you have access to that server.

    2013-03-22 18:11:09 (arkayem See Profile)

  • Just to spell it out more obviously - internet fax uses your internet to send faxes, meaning you can fax over DSL without having to buy extra hardware. Also, while all internet faxes let you receive faxes through your email, not all let you send faxes through your internet, so be sure to look out for that if you decide to switch to online faxing. You can see which providers allow you to send faxes through your email at faxcompare.com.

    2012-06-14 14:19:46

  • You can FAX using the Voice over IP (VoIp) protocol, by using a phone adapter with two phone jacks (Linksys PapT2 for example). This method is useful if you only have 1 phone jack in your home & can not afford to disconnect temporary to send a fax.

    2010-05-23 15:33:53 (OldschoolDSL See Profile)

  • EASY WAY TO FAX using DSL hook-up. Get a double phone jack and plug into wall phone receptacle. BE SURE TO HAVE THE FILTER PROVIDED WITH DSL attached. Plug phone line into back of computer on the IN-LINE - not the phone line. It's that easy. I spent hours with techs, and searching the net for answers. Found this site and tried it on the back of computer... sent 6 pages without a problem. Either leave hooked in--- or hook-up when sending or receiving FAX. Thanks for your tip. CGMA

    2008-04-30 16:20:33

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