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There's one easy way on a Scientific Atlanta box to turn HD mode on. With the box off but TV on, press and hold the "Guide" and "Info" buttons on your box at the same time. An "HD Wizard" will come up, choose "Advanced". Follow the steps and choose the formats that work with your TV. After that exit out and power on the box. Go into the detailed settings (pressing Menu twice) and go to "Set Picture Format" and change it to the setting that works best for your TV. The choices are: "Pass Through", "Upconvert1", or "Upconvert2". (I have found that "Pass Through" works best much of the time)

This, on SA boxes will get rid of the side bars and automatically expand non-HD channels to full screen. The only exception being HD channels not displaying HD content at that moment will still have sidebars or top and bottom for letterboxed programming.

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