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The D-Link wireless Configuration Utility software is designed to detect whether the Windows Zero Configuration service is controlling the wireless network card.

When Windows is controlling the wireless configuration, the Configuration Utility disables access to the configuration pages.

If you wish to use the Configuration Utility instead of the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service:

1. Go to Network Connections (from the left panel of My Network Places)
2. Right click on the icon for your wireless network card, and choose Properties
3. In the Properties dialog box, choose the middle "Wireless Networks" tab
4. Uncheck the box on the top that enables Windows management of wireless connections
5. Click OK

A reboot is recommended (see note).

The Configuration Utility will detect that Windows is not managing the connection and will give you access to its own configuration options.

Should you want to re-enable the Windows Wireless Zero Configuration service, simply go back through the steps and check the box that you unchecked before.

Note: If you are using any form of WPA or 802.1X security, you will likely need to reboot the computer before you will be able to access your wireless Access Point -- even if it is configured correctly.

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last modified: 2006-01-09 13:00:08