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Firmware 2.52 through 2.70 seem to have a known DHCP problem in WPA modes.

Do this on the DI-624:
•Using firmware 2.50 or 2.71, set the router to the Factory Defaults.
•Then reconfigure by hand (do not restore settings from a file).
•Leave the SSID broadcasting/SSID hidden feature enabled (the default value).
•Unplug power to the unit.

Then do these steps on the wireless computer:
•Using Add/Remove programs, remove the manufacturer's Configuration Utility, but do not remove the drivers.
•Reboot this computer.

Now restore power to the DI-624. When the AP is detected, Windows will let you know.* Click on the bubble, connect to the SSID, fill in your WPA passphrase. You should now be successfully connected.

* if this doesn't happen, click on Start, Run and type services.msc. Go down the list to Wireless Zero Config and double-click it. Set the startup type to Automatic and then click Start. Click OK. You should get the notice after a few seconds.

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last modified: 2006-01-12 20:29:28