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This FAQ will cover the basic steps for setting up a 2Wire Homeportal and registering a new DSL account without using the install CD. Homeportals require NO software from the CD other then possibly the USB Drivers if you use the USB port. If you are using the Ethernet port all you need do is make sure your computer is set to DHCP.
(If you already have your SBC/ATT DSL user account and password set up from a previous installation then just do steps 2,3,4,and 6)

1) Familiarize yourself with the main points of this FAQ: »AT&T Midwest/Ameritech FAQ »How do I register a username and password for my new account? - as you must finish the Yahoo registration after you have created your account and logged in.

2) Install the 2Wire and connect up the computer and power on the Homeportal. After a little while you should have a green power light and flashing green (or solid yellow) Broadband light. Boot up the computer and you should get a green Local Network light.

3) Start a web browser - all 2Wires can be accessed with just http://homeportal however if that fails you can try or
You want to go to the setup page at http://homeportal/setup

4) On the setup page you will be asked for a keycode. The keycode for SBC/ATT is:
This will set the basic configuration of the 2Wire to work with the SBC/ATT network. (You may also get a page asking you to set an administration password. This is used to protect the settings inside the 2Wire itself, and is not the password for your DSL connection. You can however use the same for both if you set them that way. Make sure to write down passwords as you set them so they are not lost.)

5) Next you will be asked for a username and password. Use the Master Registration account information as from the FAQ above-
Member ID: sbcyahooreg@sbcglobal.net
Password: sbcyahooreg
When this is entered you should get a solid green Broadband Link light letting you know you have basic access to the registration site. (You may get a page asking to set your time zone. Set it and that will finish the 2Wire setup.)

Follow the steps in the above FAQ, by going to the SBC/ATT Registration site here: »sbcreg.sbcglobal.net/ (note the https)
And there create your username and password and finish the SBC/ATT registration side of things.

6) Once you have your username and password they must be set up in the 2Wire. Return to the setup page at http://homeportal/setup
Leave the keycode the same, and on the second page enter your username and password for your account that you just created. Save this in the modem and then power cycle the modem so it resets and comes back up with your account. Your modem will now be connecting with your master account credentials through the PPPoE system, giving you full access to the internet.
When you have 3 green lights you are online!

7) Now you must complete the SBC Yahoo! Email part of the registration.
Follow the second half of the FAQ above.
For more information on the 2Wire Homeportal series, including access to the Management and Diagnostic console and tips and tricks, see the FAQs in the 2Wire forum. »2Wire

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