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You will need:
an extension cord (to power the modem)
and a screwdriver (to open the NID)

(Instructions for a similar phone test are located in the front section of the phone book. Take a peek to familiarize yourself with the procedure.)
Use a screwdriver to open the side that says Customer access. You will see a test module with a phone line in it. If there is more than one module, use the one with that is identified by the DSL phone number. Unplug that and plug the modem in it. Plug the modem into a power source and see if the modem syncs. If it does sync, you might have an inside wire problem. If no sync, call tech support and let them no that there is no sync at the NID.
Warning... Unplugging test jack disconnects all phones inside premises, make sure no one is using the phone when doing this.

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