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  • Are there any other rules I should be aware of when posting in this forum?

    •Please await release release announcements & confirmation from the *official/author sites before posting a link

    We prefer no links to 3rd party sites that may be hosting the author's software, and this rule will be enforced
    Causes less confusion for members..and *buggy software that may have been pulled pre-final release isn't distributed.
    You might also miss author instructions. Like whether it's ok to install over current version, or if it's recommended to uninstall first.

    •Start a new thread for unrelated topics to the original post.
    •Make sure to mention your Operating system & specs
    •Before posting, check at least the previous two - three pages of forum posts to make sure the question or the subject has not been covered recently. Also, consider trying a forum search (hint - use as short a search string as possible to get more hits).
    •Be sure and check the Software top voted topics for solutions, hints and tips.
    •News stories and articles should not be posted in the general forum. A News Section has been provided and is maintained by the Forum Hosts as a place for members to share interesting articles related to Software applications. Look for the Got News? link at the top of the main forum header.
    •Copyrighted applications are usually protected against redistribution by the owner (manufacturer) and therefore will not be allowed to be posted or offered on this board.

    Do not upload or post any files of .rar, .zip, .exe or other program extensions

    Other uploads (pdf, image, text, audio, etc.) are allowed, if they are not direct components to any software program and do not violate any forum or site rules.

    Asking for a software program to be posted here or emailed is discouraged. Please post a link to the download page, not a direct link. This will give users the opportunity to read any information available before they download an executable. In other words -- do not attach an executable or .zip of a program file to your post

    Any posts containing illegal requests, referral links, spam, cracks, links to warez sites or similar is against the TOS and will be deleted. The poster runs the risk of further action by the Forum Host(s) and\or any Site Moderator.

    •Sale items do not belong on this board & go here

    •Be sure to review the DSLR Terms of use and Site FAQ.

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