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Forum Guidelines
Please follow these guidelines not only for your first post, but for all subsequent posts as well.

    •Before posting a new topic please check back a few pages to make sure your question or subject has not recently been covered or do a quick search of the forum using the search box at the top of the forum home page. There may be an existing solution for your problem. Duplicate posts will be locked.
    •When posting a question please provide as much information about the problem you are having as well as any trouble shooting you have already tried. This will allow us to more readily be able to help you.
    • Make a clear reference to your subject in the post title.
    •Read the thread THOROUGHLY before you attempt to answer and if the problem has been solved, or the question has been answered, there is little reason to post at all.
    •Start a new thread for unrelated topics.
    •Please do not "cross-post". If you have posted a similar thread on the same subject in another forum, there is no need to post the same topic in another.
    •Do not use offensive language or launch personal attacks on another user. Doing so may result in having your post removed.
    Please utilize the "Hey Mods" link at the bottom of any post for anything requiring Mod attention.
    •Posting requests to purchase or sell items is not allowed in this forum. This site has a For Sale/Wanted forum for that purpose.
    •Please familiarize yourself with DSLR rules explained in several locations such as Rules on Posting , Terms of Use and Moderation and Censorship. All will apply here and will be enforced as necessary.

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