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When you can't sign into MSN and cannot view secure websites it could be the result from a number of different issues. Microsoft has a Knowledge Base article on this subject, which is an invaluable resource, here.

While all of the troubleshooting steps listed in the article could be a fix for this issue you may have to try several of them before finding the one that resolves your problem. Microsoft recommends trying to open Internet Explorer after each fix to see if the steps you took resolved the issue, it also would be a good idea to reboot occasionally if you aren't making progress.

The most common fix would be to Verify that the Microsoft Cryptographic Services service is started and to Re-register .dll files.

Other common (easy) fixes could be to Delete the temporary Internet files, Configure security, content, and advanced settings in Internet Explorer, Create a new user profile, and Verify the configuration of your third-party firewall or antivirus programs (This is somewhat ambiguous; so if all else fails uninstall it. If you don't have the discs don't worry, you can download McAfee antivirus and firewall for free as long as you have the MSN software installed on your computer).

If all of the above fails then your next step would be to explore every solution given in the Knowledge Base article. If none of the solutions actually work and you are still unable to sign into MSN Messenger or view secure websites it may be a deeper corruption of Internet Explorer.

If Internet Explorer is corrupt enough that none of these fixes help then it usually would be significantly easier to back up your data and reinstall Windows. The other alternative would be do do a major registry hack to completely remove Internet Explorer and reinstall it.

Feedback received on this FAQ entry:
  • if using internet Eplorer, (IE) the problem with this is the browser, I tried every fix to repair this, even a paid service I have and they cld not fi this, but i finally found a fi for this and it is a redownload of a IE fix and here it is, go to page 2 on this page and download the fix, call IEFix, and click on run, follow all the prompts etc. after it finishes, reboot and try to sign on, it worked for me, after, I tried 10 other repairs that did not work, this will fix it, this is basically a download of IE 8 with the fix. happy days to all, Melody D

    2010-07-02 15:01:53

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