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Basically speaking, these are your browsing choices in Mac OS X:
Safari - Apple's browser. Originally based on the KHTML rendering engine found in Konqueror, the project is split and now known as Webkit, which is still developed in open source. Safari's strengths are the fact that it's completely OS X native, and definitely has the polished Apple look and feel.
Firefox - From Mozilla.org, the cross-platform browser is built on the Gecko rendering engine. Some of the UI elements are a little stiff due to the common codebase, but its support for extensions and features can't be beat.
Camino - A branch of the Mozilla codebase, Camino is designed to use the Gecko rendering engine in a more native UI environment.
Netscape - The venerable old Netscape suite, includes a browser, email client, page composer, and IRC client. Based on Gecko.
Opera - Another cross-platform browser, recently made free.
Mozilla - The open-source suite that Netscape is based on.
Shiira - A native OS X browser built on webkit, has some fancy and useful features added on.
OmniWeb - One of the first native browsers for OS X, but not free.

Note that Internet Explorer is not on the list. This browser hasn't been updated in years, and lacks many many features that modern browsers have. Furthermore Microsoft has dropped support for the Mac version of IE, as of January 31, 2006. It is not recommended to use this browser, when there are so many alternatives.

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