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Migration information for ATT Worldnet members (#13877)
    A: Here's what to do if you are an ATT Worldnet subscriber and don't want to lose your E-mail IDs (username@att.net), your Personal Web Space(s) (username.home.att.net), access to Worldnet's FTP (upload.att.net) and NNTP (netnews.att.net) servers, and any other Worldnet things, when you signup for ATT/SBC DSL.

    After your ATT/SBC DSL is up and running don't cancel your Worldnet subscription. Call Worldnet billing (1-800-400-1447) and tell them that you signed up for ATT/SBC DSL and are up and running and that you want to switch to Worldnet's "Zero Dollar E-mail" plan. That way you won't be paying anything to Worldnet but you get to keep all your Worldnet stuff except your ability to dial into the Worldnet network. You can access your Worldnet things while connected to the ATT/SBC DSL network.

    For instructions on how to setup your Worldnet E-mail/FTP/NNTP accounts to work while you are on the ATT/SBC network look on the 'Worldnet User's Reference Desk': wurd.com/

    Here are the instructions for Mozilla E-mail: wurd.com/cl_browser_mozilla_gia.php, Thunderbird E-mail: wurd.com/cl_email_thunderbird_05_gia.php, Multizilla FTP: wurd.com/pwp_filezilla.php#secure, Agent NNTP: wurd.com/cl_news_agent.php, and Free Agent NNTP: wurd.com/cl_news_fragent.php.

    The WURD site has instructions for other applications as well.

    For more up-to-date information visit the Worldnet DSL newsgroup.
    Usenet link: news://worldnet.help.dsl
    Webnews link: webnews.att.net/webnews-cgi-bin/help.dsl

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