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Terms and conditions need to be read carefully. Understand that most special offers require you to sign up for 1 or 2 years! So in particular, you should watch for any clauses that allow the provider or ISP to charge you for early termination, or for moving from one location to another. In addition, the contract may specify what is not allowed, and this list, apart from the usual things like "no spam" and so on, may include more widely applicable terms, for instance, they reserve the right to terminate your line and charge you disconnection costs if you do anything they believe is "destabilizing" to the system. Without a clear definition of what "destabilizing" is, they are basically free to terminate your line anytime they want, and you have no right to argue about it.
Not really a subject for terms & conditions, but, also check what optional service costs are, like additional IP addresses and DNS service etc.
Also be careful to check for any traffic restrictions both up and down, or limits on supported configurations, or running servers at home. On the plus side, you should hope to see guarantees from them on committed information rates. And what your rights are when minimum service levels are not met.
If you like what the sales people say, make sure you get it in writing, and ask if they apply for the duration of the contract, because terms and conditions have a habit of changing after you signed up.

So here is a final checklist:

    what are any system requirements the DSL provider/ISP expect?

    Is rental an option for the CPE (premise equipment)

    Does the ISP offer any phone number for dial-up access backups? what about roaming

    How long does it take for service to be activated?

    What promised speeds are there, what happens generally at peak periods?

    Is there any recourse if promised rates are not met?

    Are all charges included in the quoted monthly fee?

    Are there are any data-transfer limits on download or upload side?

    Does the installer care about the PC or Operating system you have

    Will additional interior or exterior wiring be necessary?

    Who pays for any installation expenses?

    Do accounts come with any home directory, ftp or web space?

    What's the limit on e-mail addresses provided?


    Does the ISP monitor the state of the line for you?

    Is there a 24hour number for network operations center?

    Is routed IP available, and at what extra cost?

    Is this a PPPoE setup, are their plans to switch to PPPoE?

    What will the routing be from you to local internet sites?

    Will you be allowed to host a Web site?

    Does the ISP support reverse DNS lookups?

    What's the limit on IP address provided?

    What's the cost of extra IP addresses?

    If you have a home network, can you share the connection over it?

    If shared access is allowed, is any hardware or software support provided for it?

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