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ALL PSTN calls (local or long distance) <-> TBB are routed via Toronto based TBB Gateways/Servers. So yes, for TBB users, Toronto IS the center of the universe !

(Note that all TBB<->TBB calls are handled by the TBB Gateways in Toronto, but the actual voice path is between the two ISPs concerned. There is no connection whatsoever with the PSTN.)

PSTN <-> TBB Calls
Incoming or Outgoing PSTN Calls consist of two "legs":

  • The VoIP leg of the connection is from the TBB Gateway to your ATA, over the Primus IP Network interconnected to your ISP's network.

  • The PSTN leg of the connection is from the Toronto TBB Gateway(s) to a Primus "Facility" in each of the TBB service regions (the Area Code of your Primary TBB Number). These "Facilities" connect your TBB number to the PSTN via the ILEC (Bell, Telus) COs.

A "Facility" may not be a complete Telco CO/Switch as it may simply be what is called a nailed-up synchronous PSTN connection (Trunk) between the ILEC's equipment (Bell, Telus) and the Toronto TBB Gateways. Although given that Primus also offers Regular Home Phone Service, TBB is probably piggybacked in some or all cases, to the Primus Regular Phone Facilities - thus leveraging their network capital costs...

  • You live in Nova Scotia and your next door Neighbour on Aliant calls your TBB number - the call is routed through Toronto.

  • You live in Winnipeg and you call a Winnipeg PSTN number - the call is routed through Toronto.

  • You live in Montreal with an Alternate Number in Halifax. A friend from Calgary calls your Halifax number. The call is routed over your friend's Long Distance Provider's lines/trunks to your number in Halifax. The call is then routed via the Primus Facility to the Toronto TBB Gateways before then being routed over to your ATA via the ISP networks.

  • You live in Vancouver and get a call from family in St.John. The call is through your family's long distance provider network to the Primus Vancouver Facility. From there the call is routed back to Toronto TBB servers; and finally converted to VoIP before being sent back, via the Internet, to your ATA in Vancouver (or wherever you are).

    Some Notes
  • If you encounter choppy Voice during your calls, this is most likely due to the VoIP leg. The root cause is usually a "High Jitter" connection which is usually encountered with Cable ISP uplinks on your local segment, but can sometimes also occur in the interconnection between your ISP network and the Primus network.

  • A power outage, cut cable, system outage on a Facility connection may cause TBB to be OutOfService. If this does occur (and it has only happened once recently in March 2006 for about 48hrs), it only affects the TBB numbers in the AreaCodes tied to the particular Facilities. Note that since an incoming call never reaches Primus TBB servers in Toronto, call forwarding, FMFM, or voicemail will not work. Outgoing calls should not generally be affected by a Facility connection outage.

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