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I just bought this phone through cingular with 2 year contract. My wife got one as well.

We first upgraded two weeks ago to the razr but my wife hated it. I exchanged both of ours do to dropped calls and issue razr's. She got the slvr and I got the razr again. Well my 2nd razr had very bad reverb in the ear piece. Went back and exchanged it and still had reverb just not as bad. If the volume was above 6 or 7 I heard it. Checked a few other friends I know and I hear it. Some didn't hear a thing and other heard it once I pointed it out.

So that may a bit disappointed as I really wanted the razr. I have always been a flip guy. So I tried out my wife's slvr for day. I must say it feels more solid then the razr. For a candy bar phone it fits in your hand rather nice and the ear piece quality is much better.

OS seems a bit different since it has iTunes built in. Faster then the razr for sure. Example when I get a text message on the razr it beeps..then 3 seconds later I can hit read. On the SLVR it beeps I can hit read.

Reception seems as good if not a bit better then razr. Battery life is really good. I listened to 2 hours of MP3's then talked for about 1.5 hours and the phone was on from 6am to 10pm and not 1 bar dropped for battery life.

Phonebook entry is the same as all motorola's like V400, 551, Razr, etc. I would like to clarify one thing. You can have multiple entries under one name but you have to save it to the phone not the SIM. Plus you need to go to setup on address book and change the contact to Primary which will allow you have 1 name and 6 entries...mobile, fax, home, work, pager and main. Just left or right click to change entries.

You have the ability to use 3 IM programs which are AIM, YIM and ICQ.

One down thing I miss compared to the other moto's is the voice record they took that out of the SLVR.

iTunes part - I think moto did a good job on this one compared to the rokr. Sound is very nice with speakerphone or with provided headset via USB. You also have a USB to mini jack converter to use your own headphones. The supplied headphones has a mic and a button so you can activate dialed calls and call someone without getting out the phone and answer with it.

Ear phones sound very good for a phone. Will it replace your normal MP3 player no but it's nice to have since it's in the phone.

When a call comes in music goes to pause once you hang up music resumes.

So after all that I went and returned my razr and got my own SLVR :)

-nice clear screen
-good speakerphone
-solid construction
-fits nice in your hand
-camera only VGA/4x
-faster interface then the razr
-charge phone via usb cable to PC if PC and phone are on.

-Rolodex search
-No voice record

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    2012-06-21 02:22:35 (51999024 See Profile)

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