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As submitted by Rob A See Profile:

Welcome to opera, check out the following links to get started in the opera experience.

Opera Wiki (the opera bible): »nontroppo.org/wiki/Opera
Opera AdFilter: »operaadfilter.com
Opera AdBlocker & UA Editor: »www.diplo.co.uk/design/operatools.php
User JS Scripts: »userjs.org
Opera Spellchecker: »www.opera.com/support/tutorials/···llcheck/
The Original 30 Days to Becoming an Opera Lover: »tntluoma.com/opera/lover/6/
The Current 30 Days to Becoming an Opera Lover: »operalover.tntluoma.com/
Opera Resources: »www.howtocreate.co.uk/operaStuff/
Opera History: »www.markschenk.com/opera/history.html
Opera Button Maker: »nontroppo.org/tools/buttonmaker/
Opera Watch: »operawatch.blogspot.com
Opera Feature Tour: »www.opera.com/features/tour/
Shoust's Opera Page: »opera.oslocity.org/shoust/
Opera Skin Editor: »bachius.com/opera/skineditor/
Choose Opera: »chooseopera.com/
Drag N Drag Buttons: »www.xs4all.nl/~vangeijt/opera/dn···ons.html
Mouse Gestures: »www.opera.com/features/mouse/index.dml
Panels: »my.opera.com/community/customize/panel/
Skins: »my.opera.com/community/customize/skins/
Setups: »my.opera.com/community/customize/setups/
Language Files: »my.opera.com/community/customize/langs/
OpTool : »www.kreacom.dk/opera/optool/
Opera File Explorer: »users.westelcom.com/jsegur/#ofe
OpWic (plus more if you scroll down): »users.westelcom.com/jsegur/#opwic
OpSed: »opera-info.xorg.pl/en/
OpConfig: »www.philburns.com/opconfig.html
QuickShow: »www.philburns.com/quickshow.html
Opera Customizer & Profile Maker: »www.philburns.com/ocpm.html
Bookmarklets: »www.philburns.com/bookmarklets.html


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last modified: 2007-07-29 11:28:18