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If a unit is stuck and refuses to complete then you can force the UD agent to download another Unit. There are three ways this can be done.

    • The easiest is to bring up the Task Manager (by hitting Ctrl-Alt-Delete), finding UD_******* and then select End Task.

    *Please Note: Make sure to not highlight ud.exe.

    Also if you have not been running UD for "X" amount of time and you are bringing a box back on line, it would be a good idea to flush the current work unit and replace it

    • Or, you can find all the tk*.ud files in the United Devices directory and delete all of them.

    • Finally, you can delete the CS.UD file from the United Devices directory. Warning: Deleting CS.UD will cause the agent to re-download the next task and another device profile will be added to your UD home page.

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